January/February earnings

There is a good game on TV, Salernitana giving a hard time to AC Milan. The underdogs are again getting more than people expect from them. Perfect time to write about the beginning of 2023 for me.

Freelancing is still a big part of my indie hacker income. This is the table of my earnings and expenses for January and February.

Item Income/Expense
Amazon book sales +176.05 $
Gumroad book sales +37.76 $
Upwork freelancing +669.92 $
Advertising spending -61.29 $
Digital Ocean droplets -9.76 $
Total +812.68 $

I increased my Upwork fee to $25 in February and this made quite a difference. I expect to make around $500 per month working on this project in the next months.

Gumroad is great as usual and I even sold two books to people coming from the IndieHackers website, 40% conversion rate! also, the recommendation engine of Gumroad works quite well, with a 5% conversion rate. The ads experiment leads to nowhere, 42 visits and nothing to show for it.

The next month will be the last with a full-time job. I will move abroad, I will only make money from freelancing and I will try to bootstrap a product in the meantime. I still have no idea about what but I am almost 40, and this is my last chance to do it.