April was the month when I left my job. I am now only freelancing and building a couple of ideas on the side. Plus, I have been busy moving out of Milan, which is a crazy expensive city for someone jobless. Even for someone with a job to be honest. But I will talk about it in another post.

Today is the time to look back at April and understand how did my side income grow (or not). I am looking at the numbers as I write this blog post and I have a feeling I made less than the previous month. I guess it’s the reality of not having a stable job. The income fluctuates much more. Before, I was making 230 € every working day, now there are days when I make nothing (like today). And I hope there will be days when I make more than 230 €. That day I will celebrate.

Let’s look at the usual table now

Item Income/Expense
Amazon book sales +59.87 $
Gumroad book sales +32.81 $
Upwork freelancing +285.34 $
Indie freelancing +76.98 $
Digital Ocean droplets -4.88 $
Total +450.12 $

A step back from the previous month. Upwork in particular has been much slower, I have tried to get more contracts but could not get more than 1 interview, for a job I could not take because it was on a too-tight schedule. I am now at 2 contracts won out of 29 proposals. Below 10%.

But there are positives. I have landed a client outside of Upwork (thanks to my Soccer Betting books). I am also convinced that the book sales will bounce back, April and May are usually low volume.

My first goal now is 700$ / month. This should cover the expenses for me and my wife and we would be able to live on it without too many restrictions. Hope to reach it soon.