May has been my first month without a full-time job. I tried many things, I said yes to all opportunities that came my way and made some money. I cannot say I enjoyed everything I did, but for sure I am understanding better what I enjoy doing and what I don’t.

Apart from freelancing, which took almost all of my time, I also tried to build 2 projects on the side. I started in the first week of May and I have almost finished one of them. To be honest, I neglected them in the past week or so, otherwise, I would have already launched.

The most important thing right now is to generate income, but I have done some mistakes and ended up not having enough slack in my day to be able to explore new ideas and work on side projects. This way it almost feels like a job again. Apart from the fact that I have much more flexibility, I can work when I want and from where I want. For example, now I am in Moscow.

The revenue for this month is probably the highest it has ever been. Let’s look at the numbers.

Item Income/Expense
Amazon book sales + 42.87 $
Gumroad book sales + 37.27 $
Upwork freelancing + 768.25 $
Teaching + 645.44 $
Digital Ocean droplets - 0.76 $
Appliku - 10.00 $
Total + 1483.07 $

In the previous report, I wrote that I would be happy with 700 $ / month. Teaching made me cross that number comfortably and I will keep doing it in June. But I am not sure I want to continue down that route. It is extremely rewarding but it’s a lot of work and responsibility. I would prefer to find a better-paid freelancing gig or start to make some money with one of my side projects.

The next revenue milestone, let’s say 2000 $, should take a bit more effort to get there.