In September, I traveled a lot, and when I could work I had such a poor connection that I could not get many things done anyway. So let’s say I took a break (unpaid). Surely it will show in this month’s numbers.

Item Income/Expense
Amazon book sales + 106.58 $
Gumroad book sales + 1.07 $
Freelancing + 2160.00 $
Upwork freelancing + 58.53 $
Appliku - 10.00 $
Hetzner - 5.31 $
Total + 2310.87 $

Luckily the book sales are more or less stable across the months. I was only able to focus on a couple of clients, for a bit less than 2 weeks. Also, I closed my contract on Upwork, and it looks like I will not get much more work from there in the coming weeks. I have no intention to go back to Upwork for now. I have more opportunities coming from other channels (LinkedIn above all) and most of them are inbound, where the only effort I make is to send a proposal and keep my CV updated.

My side projects are also on hold. Data Internships is very promising. I have good numbers from SEO, with more than 300 clicks in the last month, where I put almost no effort and stopped adding new internships. These numbers should increase once I start posting again. I am focusing on automating the job collection tasks right now, so I can spend some more time on marketing and improving the website. Stoic Quotes is not getting the traction I expected, but I am getting some attention on Reddit, where I post a new quote every day and I get up to 50 likes. I am not sure how to grow with this strategy, it might not be possible after all and this might be the time to kill one of the SEO based projects.

In the next month I will get started with a new client (maybe), so I expect an increase in my revenue from freelancing. I will try not to spend too much time on it, as the priority is, as always, to build a business and use freelancing to cover my expenses.